Affiliate Memberships

Occasionally, there will be affiliate links on this site.  I am a member of a few affiliate programs.  I am only a member of services that I strongly believe in and would vouch for.  I make them a part of this site because I believe they have something great to offer my readers.

Currently, I am a member of two programs

  1.  Amazon Affiliates – We pretty much have daily deliveries around here from Amazon.  I love how convenient they make my life.  When we were moving to Papua New Guinea, Amazon Prime allowed us to maintain our sanity and get things we desperately needed at the last minute and as we thought about them.  (YAY, free delivery!)
  2. Siteground Web Hosting – I have three sites hosted by Siteground.  They are fast, secure, and wonderfully helpful.  You will hear people recommend another site host that involves a color.  I can usually tell when I am on a site hosted by them.  It’s slow.  Also, the affiliate program is very good, and that allows me to keep my site-building fee low on my Virtual Assisting Services site.